Step By Step Instruction Guide




                                                Preparing Lace Wig for Application:

                       I find it easier to place wig on a Styrofoam mannequin in order to cut the lace.
1. Put clips on hair and baby hair around the perimeter of the wig. This will prevent the hair from getting stuck in the glue when applying the unit.
2. Carefully cut the lace around the entire hairline, a little at a time. You may cut all the lace off or you can leave a little of the lace if you feel more comfortable doing so. Make sure all baby hair is carefully pinned back so it is not cut.

                                   Preparing Skin and Hair for Application:

1. Wash, condition and dry your hair. After your hair is dried either braid hair in small cornrows or tightly wrap the hair around the head.
2. Wash your face completely. Then using cotton balls, use 99% Isopropyl alcohol to clean around your entire hairline to remove any oil that may be on your skin.
3. “OPTIONAL”, However, I do recommend using it. Apply scalp protector or liquid band aide to prevent skin irritation. This will act as a barrier between your skin and the adhesive. (This step is very important for those who workout, swim or those with sensitive skin.)
4. Before applying the adhesive, place wig on the head. Using an eyebrow pencil, mark an outline where you want the wig to be placed at the hairline. Now remove the wig from the head.


                     Application #1 (for those using soft bond liquid adhesives):

1. Start with a Q-Tip or a small make-up brush, or popsicle stick and apply a thin coat of the glue around the perimeter of your hairline. Use the liquid adhesives sparingly, using a lot of the adhesive will add to the drying time. Soft bond adhesives (i.e. Vapon No Tape, Ultra Hold and Invisi Bond) must dry completely. To aid the drying time, use a hand held blow dryer on a cool/warm setting until dry or tacky. Do not bond lace wig to wet glue, the wig will not set properly and will not stick well. Hard bond adhesives (i.e. Endurabond, Sensibond, Dermabond and Base bond) do not require any drying time since they dry immediately after it is applied.
2. The next step of using the Adjust-A-Bond is optional, however, I find it helpful. After your glue is ready for application, spray a light mist of ProTouch Adjust-A-Bond onto the adhesive that was applied onto your scalp. Position the wig on your head. Adjust-A-Bond gives you approximately 1 minute to reposition the wig if necessary. To make sure it is aligned properly, you must first bond the wig at the center of your front hairline. (Parting the hair down the middle or place a clip to align it with the center of your forehead or widows peak can determine the center point.) then going from one side to the other, press the edge of the wig down into the adhesive using a fine tooth comb. If you do not use the Adjust-A-Bond, and you need to reposition a section, use a Q-Tip and 99% Isopropyl alcohol between the lace and your skin to release and reapply the wig.
3. Double check your hairline and touch up any area where the wig is not applied securely. If you need to remove any excess glue use a Q-tip and the 99% Isopropyl alcohol.
4. When you have completed the application, tie down your hairline with a silk or satin scarf. This will allow the glue to set and dry properly. You may also sit under a dryer during this step to aide in the drying process. “FYI” For those who have trouble with the bond coming loose at the nape, I suggest the following: apply adhesive on nape (i.e. Vapon No Tape, Ultra Hold, Safe Grip). Let that dry completely. Then put tape on top of the adhesive (i.e. Super Tape, Pro Flex) Then put another layer of the adhesive on top of the tape and let it dry. Now press the edge of the wig down into the adhesive using a fine tooth comb. We have found this to hold better than just adhesive for the nape area. SEE OUR INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING A HARD BOND. (i.e. EnduraBond, Sensibond)




1. Cut the lace around the perimeter of the wig. I found using a Styrofoam mannequin to place the wig on a little easier to cut the lace.
2. Clean the perimeter of the head with alcohol – let dry. Apply your skin protector or liquid band aide, and let dry. Make sure the wig is positioned evenly and correctly on the head.
3. Use an eyebrow pencil to slightly mark where the edge of the wig will be placed. This will help you align the wig correctly and evenly.
4. Make sure you do not go in front of the pencil marking outline, apply a thin layer of liquid adhesive (i.e. Vapon No Tape, Ultra Hold) on each side at the temple area to the ear. Even with the pencil marking, be sure to put adhesive in front of the hairline and not on the hair. At this point, you do not want to put it in the front middle section of your forehead area just yet. You want to leave about 1-2 inch opening in the center of your forehead. (Use a small popcicle stick or wooden cuticle stick to apply adhesive)
5. Apply a thin layer of liquid adhesive across your nape and then up the left and right sides of your neckline and up to the top of your ears stopping about ¼ away from the top of the ear. It is not necessary for you to glue down behind the ears as it might make the fit uncomfortable for you. This is your choice. You could try it at first to see how it feels to you.
6. Allow it to dry completely for about 5 minutes – until dry to the touch. When that dries, now you can apply the Super Tape Thin Sticks directly on the dried adhesive. (Some put the tape directly on the lace on the inside of the unit however I have found that tape does not stick to the lace as well). If you put the tape inside the unit, still DO NOT put tape strips in the middle section of the wig about 1-2 inches across the middle front forehead section of the lace.
7. To attach the tape stripe on top of the adhesive, the white paper side is removed first and attached to your skin and the red printed side will remain on until the next step. (This is your choice to decide what works best for you.)
8. Be sure to fold back the corners of the paper left on the tape to make it easier to remove.
9. Reposition the wig in place on your head. Make sure the ear tabs are lined up correctly and evenly.
10. Start applying the wig one section at a time beginning with the top front middle area of the forehead where you left open. MAKE SURE it is lined up and positioned correctly where you have marked the outline with the pencil.
11. Once you get the front center section positioned in place correctly, apply a very thin layer of Endura Bond or Sensibond with a tooth pick. (Yes, a tooth pick). It should be applied thin and evenly across. Do only 1-2 inches at a time. You only need a little bit as this glue is like super glue. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE WIG POSITIONED CORRECTLY FIRST. Now press down firmly. Once it’s pressed down, YOU CAN NOT reposition it. Do not allow the glue to dry or it will turn white.
12. Continue to remove the paper from the tape strips that are along the left side. Apply the Vapon No Tape or Ultra Hold on top of the tape. Let that dry until tacky to touch. Using the tooth pick, apply EnduraBond on top of the Vapon No Tape and immediately press down using a fine tooth comb.
13. Continue to take off the paper on the tape before applying the Vapon No Tape. Let that dry and then apply the EnduraBond with a tooth pick until the entire wig is attached. Press down firmly.
14. And do the same on the right side and then on the nape.
15. If you need to re-enforce any of the lace that did not stick down, apply EnduraBond with the tooth pick.
16. After you have the wig attached, remove any excess adhesive that is on your skin with 100% Pure Acetone or 100% Isopropyl alcohol. But DO NOT get it on the lace as it will cause the unit to detach. This glue dries immediately so you can then Style as desired.

KEEP IN FREEZER DURING SUMMER MONTHS TO MINIMIZE EXPOSURE TO HUMID CONDITIONS AND PROLONG SHELF LIFE. Endura-Bond will not freeze solid.  Allow to sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes before using. PLACE BACK INTO FREEZER AFTER USE. Endura-Bond has been specially formulated to keep “Crystallization” to a minimum.  Use sparingly!   Endura-Bond is skin safe and approved for use in the Medical Industry, however, for very senitive skin, I recommend to use Sensibond Adhesive.


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